Keynote Presenters

Warren Fraleigh Distinguished Scholar - Gunnar Breivik

Gunnar Breivik is Professor of Social Sciences at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, where he was rector from 1999 to 2005. He was president of IAPS in 1996-1997. He studied theology, philosophy and sports sciences in Oslo, Tübingen and Berkeley with research grants from Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst and the Fulbright Foundation. Breivik published in Norwegian Sug i magen og livskvalitet (Quest for excitement and life quality) in 2001 and Friluftsliv fra Fridtjof Nansen til våre dager (Outdoor life from Fridtjof Nansen to our days) in 1999 with Haakon Løvmo. He is presently working on a book in sport philosophy and another book about changes in type and level of physical activity in modern society. Breivik has been involved in many empirical studies of motivation, personality and behavior in elite sports and risk sports.  In philosophy of sport he has published extensively, with many articles to his name in the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, and Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, having also contributed chapters to numerous anthologies. His work, phenomenological in terms of methodology, explores extreme sports and human adaption to intense situations—he is an avid sportsperson who enjoys tempting fate in rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, and skydiving among other activities.  His interests also include studies of values and ethical dilemmas in sport, especially the use of doping substances and other forms of artificial enhancement of performance.  Another facet of his work focuses on physical education for the population at large, being an advocate for movement and sport in an increasingly sedentary society.

Graham McFee

Topic: “Making Sense of the Philosophy of Sport”

Graham McFee served as Professor of Philosophy in The University of Brighton until his retirement in 2012; since 2005 he has taught in the Philosophy Department at California State University Fullerton. He has written nine single-authored books, including Sport, Rules and Values (Routledge, 2004), Ethics, Knowledge and Truth in Sports Research (Routledge, 2010), Free Will (Acumen, 2000), Artistic Judgement (Springer Verlag, 2010) and The Philosophical Aesthetics of Dance (Dance Books, 2011) — which won the 2010-2011 Selma Jean Cohen Prize for Dance Aesthetics, awarded by the American Society for Aesthetics. He is also the author of a hundred articles and book chapters in journals and collections, primarily on philosophical aesthetics, the philosophy of sport, and the philosophy of Wittgenstein; and has lectured on these topics nationally and internationally. He was Vice President of the British Society for Aesthetics from 1999 to 2004. He is presently working on a book on Wittgenstein, to elaborate both the therapeutic conception of Wittgenstein’s later philosophy as pioneered by Gordon Baker, and its application to key philosophical debates.