Thursday, September 5, 2013

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9:00-11:00      PARALLEL SESSION 2

Room: Alvarado

Room: Bradford AB

Room: Ontiveros BC

Room: Tuffree AB

Chair: Adam Pfleegor

Chair: Kevin Krein

Chair: Leon Culbertson

Chair:  Joan Grassbough Forry

Heroes and Agonism

Eastern Themes

Doping on the Crosshairs

Women & Sports

Susan Saint Sing

The Collective Kinetic Blueprint and the Agon of the Hero Athlete

Irena Martínková & Jim Parry

Martial Arts Concepts

J. Angelo Corlett

Doping: Just do it?

Mika Hämäläinen

Gender Equality and Women’s Sports Wear

Eman Hurych

Agonality in Martin Heidegger´s thinking applied to the world of sport

Yoshiko Oda & Yoshitaka Kondo

A Dilemma involved in the internationalization of Japanese Kendo

Megs S. Gendreau

Who Won?  A Puzzle About Identity and Performance-Enhancing Substances

Jonathan Trerise

Women in Sports and the Costs of Lots of Money

 Isidori, Maulini & Ramos Echazarreta

Agón or certamen? A philosophical analysis of the Greek-Roman agonistic paidéia

Ai-hong Zhang

Comment on Ji Kang’s Health-Preservation Thoughts

Yongshung Wang (Barry)

History and Future: the evolution of Doping and Anti-doping Attitude in China

Kasra Sotudeh

Complicating the Phenomenological Conversation of Basketball
as En-gendered Life Course

Heather R. Reid

Athletes as Heroes and Role Models - A Homeric View

Xiaozheng Xiong

An Introduction to Zhuangzi’s Yangsheng Philosophy

Mike McNamee

The spirit of sport and its place in anti doping policy

Michael Capobianco

Deviant Embodiment
and Sport

11:00-11:30    COFFEE BREAK 

11:30-13:00    PARALLEL SESSION 3                                                    

Room: Alvarado

Room: Bradford AB

Room: Ontiveros BC

Room: Tuffree AB

Chair: Sarah Teetzel

Chair:  Paul Gaffney

Chair: Deb Vossen

Chair:  Jesús Ilundáin

Olympic Challenges


Leisure and Work

Chinese Sport Philosophy

Wivi Andersen

Olympism and Olympic elite sport: Violation or recognition of bodily integrity?

Gwen Bradford

Being a Sports Fan:
Paradox and Intrinsic Value

Neslihan Filiz

Why Play Sports?

Xuemei Cui

Leisure in Ancient China and the Principle of Leisure Activity Selection

Naofumi Masumoto & Keiko Homma

Intangible Olympic Legacies: what is the mind aspect of the Olympic culture?

Chad Carlson

What is Fan-Based Sport About, Anyway?

Shawn E. Klein

Work and Play: Similarities and Parallels

Weina Zhu

Operation mode of China's large-scale sporting events research

Leo Hsu

An Inquiry on Compatibility between East Asian Confucianisms and Modern Olympism

Roberto Sirvent

Are There Good Reasons to Root for a Sports Team? And Does it Even Matter?

Robert Fernandez

Playing with Schrödinger’s Cat: Discerning Work from Play in Elite Settings

Zhan-qiang Teng

Chinese Universities Sports Teachers’ Cultural Consciousness from the Perspective of Globalization

ntiveros A

John S. Russell  - JPS editor
Emily Ryall - IAPS Webmaster
Pam Sailors – Professor & Dean

13:00-14:30    LUNCH - PavilionA

14:30-16:30    PARALLEL SESSION 4

Room: Alvarado

Room: Bradford AB

Room: Ontiveros BC

Room: Tuffree AB

Chair: Dennis Hemphill

Chair:  Gregg Twietmeyer

Chair: Charlene Weaving

Chair: Jim Parry

Emotional Dispositions


Gendered Games


Takayuki Hata & Masami Sekine

Athletes’ mental and inner satisfaction and their solidarity in modern sport

Matthew Waddell

Using Social Contract Theory to Mediate Ethical Conflicts in Sport

Colleen English

This One’s for the Women: Developing Alternative Forms of Competition

Claudia Böger

The structure of embodiment in learners is intersubjective

Paul Gaffney

Does Shame Belong to Sport?

John S. Russell

Taking Sport Too Seriously

Joan Grassbaugh Forry

Should Women Play American Football?

Kenji Ishigaki

A Domain of Physical Experiences: Physical feelings, physical dialogues and intercorporeality

Alun Hardman & Rich Lally

When Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word: The Commodification of the Sporting Apology

Deb Vossen

A Grasshopperian Analysis of the Strategic Foul Revisited

Kevin Krein & Charlene Weaving

Xtreme Chicks: Examining women athletes and worldmaking potential

Maaya Fukumoto
The Principle of Somatic Learning by Thomas Hanna:  The Common Viewpoints for Decoding Various Bodywork Systems

Jeffrey P. Fry

Sports and Naiveté


Anne Bialowas

Problematizing Gender and
 Sex Identity in Sport: A Historical Analysis


16:30-17:00    COFFEE BREAK

17:00-18:30    PARALLEL SESSION 5 

Room: Alvarado

Room: Ontiveros BC

Room:  Tuffree AB

Chair: Heather Reid

Chair: Doug McLaughlin

Chair: Matthew Llewellyn

Virtue Ethics

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Race, Ethnicity, Technical Development

Jung Hyun Hwang

Lucky Winners, Ridiculous Truths and Aristotelian Perspectives

Dennis Hemphill

Narrative and Social Change in Sport

C. Utley, A. Hart & R. Williams

King’s Dream, Goodell’s Legacy: The vision and reality of the Rooney Rule

Jarrod Jonsrud

Sports as Social Practices: Authenticity and the Forum for Moral Debate

Nicholas Hardy

The Contest and Rules: Enhancing Sport

Cimin Liang & Bo Liu

Innovation and Cutting Edge Technique Development

Emily Ryall
Why a Coach Should Not Seek to Develop a Virtuous Character in Athletes: A Response to Hardman and Jones

Gregg Twietmeyer

The Plastic Person:
A Response to Fry

Xiaokang Wei & Yanmin Yao

Physical Cultural Space of Ethnic Groups and the Construction of Chinese Ethnic Villages



PANEL – Bradford AB                    
17:00-18:30   Room:  Filosofía del Deporte Iberoamericana
Philosophical Perspectives on Sport (in Spanish and Portuguese)

Organizer: Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza– Introduction

  • Soraia Chung Saura – Brazil
  • Luísa Gagliardini Graça– Portugal
  • Emanuele Isidori  –  Italy & R. Ramos Echazarreta -Spain
  • Teresa Oliveira Lacerda  – Portugal
  • Francisco Javier López Frías – Spain
  • José L. Pérez Triviño –
  • Cesar R. Torres – Argentina
  • Ana Zimmermann – Brazil