Saturday, September 7th

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9:00-11:00      PARALLEL SESSION 9  

Room: Theater

Room: Hetebrink

Room: Gabrielino

Chair: Cesar Torres

Chair: Vegard F. Moe

Chair: José Luis Pérez Triviño

The Usual Suspects: Interpretivism, Conventionalism & Formalism

Skillful Sport

Crime and Punishment

Francisco Javier López Frías
***Winner Kretchmar Award***
William J. Morgan’s “conventionalist internalism” approach. Furthering internalism?

Erin Flynn

On the Skill Thesis

Ask Vest Christiansen

"You can't buy something you aren't" – On fixing results in cycling

William J. Morgan

Conventionalism Defended

Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza

Splitting Hairs… with a Sword: from skilled coping to skillful fluency

Justine Kaempfer

Lance Armstrong, Doping, Ethos, Legacy

Adam Berg

Foundations, Contexts, and Rule Interpretations in Sports

Urban Kordeš & Maja Smrdu

Coming into Selflessness Through Athletic Performance

Eric Moore

Why Lance Armstrong Didn’t Cheat in the Tour de France 1999-2005

R. Scott Kretchmar

Rethinking Formalism, Interpretivism, and Conventionalism


Tom Rorke

Time for a Vacation? Withdrawal of Recognition as a Penalty in Sport

11:00-11:15    COFFEE BREAK

11:15-12:30    GENERAL BUSINESS MEETING - Theater

12:30 onward - Lunch and time on your own for activities


Athletes’ vices: questions of moral responsibility
Introduction - Alun Hardman

19:30-10:30 CLOSING CEREMONY & DINNER – Pavilion A