Friday, September 6, 2013

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9:00-11:00      PARALLEL SESSION 6

Room: Gabrielino Room: Hetebrink Room: Ontiveros BC
Chair:  Pete Hopsicker Chair: Emanuele Isidori Chair: Peter Hager

Philosophy Sweats It - Applications

Existential Sport

Conceptual Sport

Pam Sailors & Doug Hochstetler

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: A Critical Analysis of Pacing

K. Aggerholm & E. Jespersen

Life on Mount Obstacle: Dis-ease of existence as condition and possibility

John S. Russell

Does Metaethics Make a Difference in Philosophy of Sport?

Peichi Chuang

The Formation of Intentionality in Orienteering in Terrain

Alexandre Gontchar

Outplaying Death: Human Finitude as an Infinite Possibility of Self-Creation in Soccer

Rasmus Bysted Møller

The Concept of Sport - a Defence of Essentialism

Maura Priest

Ironman: An Evolutionary Approach

Junko Yamaguchi

Is The Myth of Sisyphusstill alive?

Verner Møller

The Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra controversy as an example of the impact of the linguistic turn

Signe Høbjerre Larsen

Filling the gaps - Researching parkour as a playing practice


Jeremy Fancher

The Nature of Game Playing: Riffing on Bernard Suits’ What is a Game?


11:00-11:30    COFFEE BREAK

11:30-13:00    PARALLEL SESSION 7

Room: Gabrielino

Room: Hetebrink

Room: Ontiveros BC

Chair: Emily Ryall

Chair Tim Elcombe

Chair: Doug Hochstettler

The Business in Sports

Political Games

Artistic Sport

Andrew D. Linden

Loyalty is a Two Way Street: Allegiance and Franchise Relocation in Professional Sport

Jennifer Jane Hardes

Play, Politics, and Forms of Life

Ana Zimmermann & Soraia Chung Saura

On Spontaneity

Bogdan Ciomaga & Cody Kent

The Ethical Case for the Commercialization of Sport

Yunus Tuncel

Power Relations in Sports

Gagliardini, Lacerda & McNamee

Physical Education as an aesthetic-ethic educational project


Scott Tinley & Rich Lally

The Fabricated Aesthetic in Alt-Sports: Building your Core Score
(One Ramp and One Eco-Vacation at a Time)

Jessi Tobin

Aesthetics in Sport: a medium for Performer Identity Expression and Transformation

13:00-14:15    EDITORIAL BOARD MEETING - Stearns

13:00-14:15    LUNCH – Pavilion A

Sporting knowledge and the problem of knowing how
Introduction  – William J. Morgan

15:15-16:00    COFFEE BREAK

16:00-18:00    PARALLEL SESSION 8

Room: Gabrielino

Room: Hetebrink

Room: Ontiveros BC

Chair: Leo Hsu

Chair: Yunus Tuncel

Chair: Chad Carlson

Olympic Venues


Sport’s Violent Side

Ai Aramaki & Koyo Fukasawa

Reconceptualization of the Olympic Legacy -from perspective of the public aspect

Vegard Fusche Moe

Philosophy of sport and Continental Philosophy

Nicholas Dixon

Rage Against the Cage: Why Consent Isn't Enough to Justify Mixed Martial Arts

Keiko Homma & Naofumi Masumoto

Positivist and Constructivist Approaches for
Developing Sport Legacy of the Olympic Games:
Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Philip Walsh

The nature of sport: a phenomenological analysis

Tim Elcombe & Alun Hardman

Vulnerable Athletes in Collision Sports: Hard Cases and Working Conventions

Doug McLaughlin

Olympism and Meaningful Legacy Planning: Philosophical Implications for Bid Cities

Takuya Sakamoto

Meaning of sports practitioner’s“voice”:
Merleau-Ponty’s theory of parole

Yoshitaka Kondo

Sports Coaching: Corporal Punishment and Violence

Sarah Teetzel

Olympic Team Officials, Quotas, and the Quest for a Functional Definition of Fairness

Fumio Takizawa

Introduction to the Phenomenological Theory of Human-bodily Movement for Physical Education

Jerzy Kosiewicz

Considerations on
Aggression in Sport

Soccer/”Euro” Football Game at the Stadium for those interested